Various kinds of Tambourines Musical Instruments

Tambourines are one of the typical musical instruments from Malay which is round and flat and are played by beating. This musical instrument also developed along with the development of Islam throughout Indonesia. In Indonesia, the types of tambourines are quite a lot as mentioned below.

Rebana Biang

Compared to other types of tambourines, tambourines are the largest type of tambourine. There are even three types of tambourines, namely drum tambourines, kotek tambourines, and tambourines of different sizes. The size of the tambourine is quite large because it has a diameter of about 60 to 80 cm. Because of its large size, the tambourine is difficult to hold. So, tambourine players must play it in a sitting position.

Tambourine Hadroh

This type is also different because you need to play it by hitting it like playing the drum. There are four types of hadroh tambourines based on the type of stroke, namely slap, building, potato, and valve tambourines. When you have learned it, the names of the blows of this hadroh tambourine are also different, namely the blow of sander, crystal methamphetamine, pegatan, Jalan, short betel, long betel, and bima.

Tambourine Dor

Next is the tambourine bang. The tambourine dor has many similarities with the tambourine kasidah. This dor tambourine even appeared before the kasidah tambourine.

The hallmark of this tambourine is the rhythm of the beat which is the same from the beginning to the end of the song.

Tambourine Ketimpring

This type of tambourine is the smallest type of tambourine than other types of tambourines. How not, the diameter of the ketimpring tambourine is only about 20 to 25 cm. Based on its function, this ketimpring has two types, namely ngarak and maulid.

Rebana ngarak is a type of ketimpring tambourine that serves to paraphrase an event, such as parading the groom’s group to the bride’s house. Then, the Maulid tambourine has a function to accompany the history of the prophet Muhammad.

Tambourine Kasidah

The kasidah tambourine is one of the most popular instruments in Indonesia. Usually, teenagers who play this game, especially young women, do not have a ritual element when playing it so they can play it anywhere and in any event. Its unlimited poetry makes it widely used by various tribes in Indonesia, you know.