The Drum

This percussion instrument is common in school bands, marching bands (pit), and orchestras, in addition to symphonies. throw off – the lever on the facet of the snare drum that releases the strain of the snares. snare basket – the top a part of a snare stand (cradle) that holds the snare drum. shaker – any percussion instrument that may be shaken.

Drum Kits

The heavy metallic gallop, named for a horse’s canter, relies on a bass drum sample of one eighth adopted by two sixteenths. zero ring (or “O” ring) – A skinny “donut” formed ring made out of plastic. They are positioned across the perimeter of the drums to regulate overtones or undesirable resonance. virgin kick – a bass drum with no mounting holes for the tom bracket. Learn about rock, jazz and Latin drumming right right here at

Usually a hollowed out container filled with beads or pebbles. second line drumming – A fashion of drumming originating from New Orleans. roto-toms – mounted, shell-much less drums that changes pitch when rotated by hand. rack toms – the mounted tom toms, whether they’re mounted on the bass drum, on a stand, or on a drum rack.

  • Usually famous drummers or those that play with name bands have their very own drum tech.
  • A drum tech is often very educated about drums and can tune and tweak them to their most sound potential.
  • drum tech – one who units up and maintains a drum set (or arrange) for another drummer.
  • Pro drummers will often use a number system to number their stands and racks.


R.I.M. (or RIM System) – a device that allows for isolation mounting. It will isolate the toms or drums and permit for higher maintain and natural tone from the drum. piccolo snare – a really skinny, high pitched snare drum.

tumba (or tumbadora) – the biggest of the everyday three conga drums household. tubular bells – A member of the chimes household, tubular bells are long metal tubes (around 5′ or more) which are struck with a special hammer.