Be Natural Music Youth Rock Concert

Otteson, joint professor of philosophy and economics, and chair of the Philosophy Department, at Yeshiva University, and adjunct Professor of Economics at New York University, has proposed that Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments has a more profound message for commerce and trade than The Wealth of Nations. Good, lovely and gratifying, music is created out of poetic play. This largely unconscious ‘recasting’ of occasions is necessary to “shift the main focus of consideration to what is behind the behaviour, to the quality of feeling that is being shared” (Stern, 1985, p. 142). We say the connection is now one of ‘companionship,’ a word from Latin which means ‘to break bread with’ and outlined here because the wish to be with an other for a mutually helpful ‘internal’ objective, apart from reasons of immediate survival, procreation or materials gain. Companionship entails exchanging have an effect on through sharing the quality … Read More

Youth Music Network

“Each participant must not solely be conscious of his or her personal half, but in addition of the parts of different musicians. The different musicians’ gestures, facial expressions and bodily actions, as well as the sounds emitted by their instruments [are] clues to meanings and intentions of others”. Research has indicated that musicians are also very delicate to the acoustic response of the setting during which they are performing. Ideally a networked music efficiency system would facilitate the high level of awareness that performers expertise in a conventional efficiency setting. Stanford Music and Medicine (SMAM) is a new initiative that strives to bring consciousness of the health and medical benefits of music to the Stanford and Bay Area neighborhood.

In addition to organizing volunteer occasions, we seek to host and sponsor occasions that educate the neighborhood on the consequences of music on the mind, thoughts, and soul. We invite musicians … Read More