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When New York got a Smooth Jazz station, it was dubbed “CD101” and given the call letters WQCD at one hundred and one.9 FM. The evil that radio codecs do lives after them; the great is oft interred with their gimmicky name letters. Other American music, together with Broadway show tunes and fashionable classical compositions, makes use of many more completely different chords and scales as a substitute of modal jazz’s minimalist approach. These kinds of music possess their very own property, together with stunning melodies and intricate harmonies, however they don’t give the identical freedom to a soloist that modern jazz does. Good jazz demands super technical and artistic capacity because its players invent at least half of the music spontaneously.

Famous jazz tunes have familiar melodies set to constant chord modifications, however legendary jazz players from trumpeter Louis Armstrong to saxophonists Lester Young and Charlie Parker made their … Read More