The 50+ Best Pop Singers Of 2020, Ranked By Fans

Of the entire iconic guitar riffs on this list, the opening line from “Sweet Child o’ Mine” takes the air-splitting cake. The third single from Guns N’ Roses’ shining debut, 1987’s Appetite for Destruction, it was the band’s first and only number one single. More than three decades on, it by no means fails to make us sing our fool hearts out on the dance ground.

(It gained six MTV Video Awards.) The song’s masterfully infectious synth riff, sampled back to glory by Pitbull and Christina Aguilera in 2013’s “Feel This Moment,” would be enough to secure it a spot on any record of ’80s classics. But “Take On Me” can be distinguished by Harket’s improbably octave-spanning vocals, whose seeming effortlessness has impressed numerous screeching karaoke wipeouts. We get so used to the modern, funky facet of Michael Jackson that it is easy to neglect how hard “Beat It” truly … Read More