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Among those new influences was also use of drums. BC– African drums were widespread in Greece and Rome.

1920s– First regular appearance of hi hat stands in drum kits. – First Patent for foot pedal, and creation of first professional drum units. 1200 AD – Opening of the Mediterranean trading routes by the Crusades brought incredible wealth to Genoa and Venice, enabling spreading of Middle Eastern, African, Indian and Asian influences over Europe.

Thin or bell-metal cymbals are simply damaged by poor approach. 1982– Swedish group Asocial first used “blast beat” drumming method. Term “Blast beat” was popularized by metal bands Sepultura and Napalm Death. 1973– Appearance of first easy electrical drum set.

BC– Sri Lanka and African folks used drums as a means of communication over giant distances. 5500 BC– First recorded appearance of drums produced from … Read More