eleven Things You Need To Know About Dating A Drummer

vibraphone (or vibes) – Similar to a xylophone but having steel bars and resonators that are pushed by a motor. Similar to a xylophone however having steel bars and resonators which might be pushed by a motor. It has a hole on high that resonates the sound when the drum is struck with a hand.

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Salsa emerged on the New York club scene within the early 70’s and revolves around a excessive-power dance fashion of music. Salsa drumming would encompass the numerous Latin rhythms made up of traditional Latin clave. rain stick – a protracted hollowed out piece of wooden that’s filled with beads or pebbles. When turned the wrong way up, it makes the sound of rain falling.

triangle – one other one of the many percussion devices used for particular effects. It is a steel bar really bent in the shape of a triangle and struck … Read More