Nature Music

I’m really looking forward to coming to London to play the new music. It will be hard to adjust myself because, as I said, it’s music that was created without any desire to prove something, or to show something. I myself benefit from music because it takes me to wonderful places within myself. I’ve visited beautiful places within my soul because of music, and I think that it can take you to greater places of spirituality, of joy, of sadness, anger, greatness… You can dive into such a vast array of different emotions, and I think that everyone can benefit from listening to music. Called Underwater, Ludovico describes the sound and feel of the album as being “from another world… another dimension.” He wanted it to be “an almost magical experience.” Steel and concrete can’t beat good old wood to produce the best sounds for music.

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How To Listen To Offline Music While Driving

Folk Song Transformations And Variations

Fans are paying homage to the weird Grand Rapids singer who died last month at age 54. Read about Nathan and watch a number of of his basic videos at Local Spins. Kathleen Edwards joins The Current’s Bill DeVille for a Live Virtual Session. The two talked about Edwards’s return to music after several years’ absence, about her latest collaboration with Maren Morris, and about her experiences operating a coffee store called Quitters.

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