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This is an increasingly important area of computing as these systems are now manifest in a wide range of web based applications. The module will first provide an understanding of the role and function of the core technologies involved and then address the design principles required for developing enterprise computing applications. Consequently this module aims to meet the needs of today’s undergraduate students who wish to equip themselves with expertise in implementing enterprise wide computing systems. Software development often involves the improvement and adaptation of ‘legacy systems’ – well-established, business-critical software systems that might have become difficult to maintain over time.

For Medicine country specific requirements, please visit our Applying to Medicine websitelook for International Applicants. The Birmingham International Academy also offers pre-sessional English courses, which you can take to improve your spoken and written English in preparation for academic study. If you have a conditional offer you can attend one of these courses instead of retaking IELTS. We may accept your English language grade from the Swedish Fullständigt Slutbetyg från Gymnasieskolan/ Slutbetyg från Komvux / Avgangsbetyg if you achieved Grade C in English . We may accept your English language grade from the Norwegian Vitnemål fra den Videregående Skole if you achieved 3 in English. For Medicine country specific requirements, please visit ourApplying to Medicine website.

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There is an emphasis on applying the scientific approach to practical work within this module. In the individual research project, you will complete a major original piece of software design, or an experimental investigation. This work will be reported formally in a research dissertation and also presented at a project presentation session, to which industrial representatives, students and academics are invited. The work will include an Interim report that consists of an initial survey and literature review. You will be engaged in a major piece of software development, or the design and execution of an empirical experiment.

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  • Therefore, each device connected with your computer requires at least one device driver to function.
  • Similar categories of computer software can come at a dizzying range of prices and formats so it is key to choose what is right for your specific needs.

You will have the opportunity to apply to spend the third year studying overseas at one of our partner universities. A common first year across all of our courses covers the fundamental aspects of the subject. Did you know Norton 360 now comes with a range of tools to help protect your devices and the information you keep on them. Power surges can put harmful stress on your computer, and in some cases damage the power supply and other components. Did you know surge protectors can lose their protection after undergoing just one power surge? Even if they still appear “on,” they may not be providing the protection you need.

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All our Computer Science undergraduate courses offer a guaranteed, paid year in industry, between the second and third year, as a recognised part of your degree, giving you the chance to test your skills out in the real world. To teach students the fundamental theory and practical applications of search methods and agents.The underpinning concepts will be introduced, followed by examples of how intelligent systems are used in applications on the Internet. High level languages are developed to help solve particular types of problem. The FORTRAN language was designed with Mathematics, Science and Engineering in mind, it contains lots of scientific functions that the average programmer may not need. The COBOL language was developed with business logic in mind, PHP was developed for server-side scripting and so on.

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Holders of the Malaysian Ministry of Education Matriculation Certificate in Science can be considered for entry to year one of Biosciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. A Diploma (D3/D4), with good grades, from a recognised Indonesian institution. We may also accept your English language grade from the German Abitur if you achieved 10 in English (taken as an achievement/main/ intensive course. Please note this is only valid for 2 academic years after qualification. We may accept your English language grade from the French Baccalauréat de l’Enseignement du Second Degré if you achieved 14 or above.