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Starter drum kits for beginners tend to come with everything you need to get playing drums. As you go up in price range manufacturers begin to assume that you might have some of the gear already. For this reason some kits might not include a throne or kick pedal. If the kit is advertised as a shell pack then it comes with only the drums. Generally only tom mounts and bass drum spurs are included with shell packs. We stock a huge range ofelectronic drum kitshere at PMT online and in our PMT store.

After the war Clapham South shelter was used for billeting troops, as hotel accommodation for the Festival of Britain in 1951, and for visitors to the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. By far the most historically significant post-war use of the deep shelter at Clapham South was as the temporary home for the very first immigrants from the Caribbean who arrived on the ship MV Empire Windrush. En route from Australia, the ship called at Kingston, Jamaica in May 1948. An advertisement had previously been placed in Jamaica’s Daily Gleaner offering transport to Britain, for a fare of £28.10s, for anyone who wanted to come and work here. Many of the 492 who arrived in June 1948 already had somewhere to go and live, but those who didn’t were bussed from Tilbury to Clapham and housed in the deep shelters at Clapham South. Many found jobs in the National Health Service, some worked in factories and mills locally, but by far the largest employer was London Transport.

Remo, Aquarian drumheads, Code drumheads, Evans drumheads; whichever your go-to drumheads are we have many, many options for you to choose between. So, whether you want a simple electric kit for compact, quiet home practice or want a pro electronic kit for gigging, there are plenty of options to choose from at PMT. Please feel free to visit our one & only drum shop in Brighton – our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you with any questions or testing of products. Select your country and language to see local prices and delivery options.

Also known as a membranophone, the sound is created by the vibration created by the membrane or drumhead being struck with either the hands or other object – often a stick with a rounded end. Drum lessons are taught one-to-one and are tailored to each individual learner’s aims. We organise community drumming events, band workshops and drum courses. Elephant Drums is a team of experienced drummers based at specialist drum teaching studios in London.

Build your theoretical and technical drum performance skills to a professional level, while establishing your identity as a talented and well-rounded performer. Originally made from animal skins, the first plastic drumhead was invented in 1956 and now enjoys popularity all over the world. The body of the drum, known as the shell, is the chamber that amplifies the sound of the vibration as it resonates through the body.