Profession: 5 Professions Closely Related to Music

Profession- Who doesn’t like music? Almost everyone likes to hear the melodious chanting and verses conveyed in a song. In addition, music can also be a source of income by engaging in certain professions.

However, not only singers or band players, you know the professions available for someone who likes music. What are they? Here are some of them.


If you have a passion for music and literature, this profession is perfect for you. Because songwriters usually have to think creatively in expressing their ideas so that they can become quality and heart-touching song lyrics.

So, you can do this work anywhere with ease, even with limited equipment.

Music curator

A music curator is a job that deals with communication between people but through the medium of sound. Specifically, the music curator is in charge of selecting, compiling, and organizing the right playlist for the client.

The choice of songs is also adjusted to the needs, image, function, and atmosphere that you want to create. In other words, this profession is related to music which is usually used by a brand to create its own moments and moods.

Although it sounds foreign, music curator is also known as a promising profession, you know!

Music promoter

A music promoter is a profession that has a big responsibility when it comes to holding a music concert. Starting from meeting the music manager or musician directly, negotiating, until finally, the musician can appear in a concert.

In addition, the promoter is also in charge of providing for artist needs, designing events, promoting events, finding venues for concerts, to ensuring that the concert runs smoothly.

Music therapist

You may have never heard of this profession. However, know that music therapy is a profession whose job is to help someone who has social, emotional, or physical difficulties with the help of sound or music.

Therefore, a music therapist must have musical skills to help the development of the patient’s health.

Sound engineer

Sound engineering is a profession that utilizes expertise in the use of music machines and devices for recording, audio editing, mixing, mastering, and sound production.

Often many need this profession in the process of recording a singer’s voice to become a song. Besides, even when the concert takes place, it needs him

Those are some professions that are closely related to music. Although not many people know about it, the jobs above are very much needed in the music world, you know! Interested in exploring one of these professions?