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The work will be interesting and varied giving the opportunity to work with a wide range of people in differing environments. The engineer should have an enquiring mind and be able to follow a logical sequence of mechanical events or electrical tests. Now, you can choose to either go the retail route and sell dog grooming items with a store or go the service route and do the grooming yourself. Businesses like Paw La La offer plenty of pet services that go beyond grooming that you can draw inspiration from.

Even if the seller did these things by mistake, or because they were misinformed, it still counts as misleading selling. If you think a seller might have been aggressive but you’re not sure if you’re entitled to a refund you should contact the Consumer Serviceand explain what’s happened. If you’ve been tricked into buying something by a fraudulent seller you’ve probably been scammed – find out how to report it. You’ll receive exclusive offers, extended warranty, easy access to support, tricks, tips and how to’s. Plan your getaway with travel essentials including travel money, insurance and documents.

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For this reason, you don’t necessarily need a large number of customers to do well, as you would with a product-based business. Depending on the service you’re offering, a handful of high-quality clients can be enough to support yourself full time while working from home. Services are even simpler than products to start selling at home, but the challenge is allocating your limited time. “Time is money” is never truer than when you’re running a service-based business. Just be wary of regulations concerning products that customers ingest or put on their skin.

  • Through our online support you can access hints and tips and troubleshooting at any time, in order to help your boiler stay in good working order.
  • You want a responsive, personable guide to help you bring your product to life?
  • Part of an assistant’s job is to prevent unwelcome sales calls getting any further.
  • Though the Shopify platform isn’t the only one you can have success with.

Keep an eye on key trends in your market, such as changes in buying patterns and the activities of competitors. Research, choose and register the right form of business to avoid unintended risks. Breakthrough technologies so intuitive, it will transform your home.

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Be ready to sell the benefits your product or service offers for this particular customer. A quality idea lays the foundation for all other stages of product development. Once you’ve come up with a list of product or service ideas, you should carefully screen or assess each one to determine whether you should pursue or discard them. As you get started, get familiar with seller regulations on each platform so your seller account stays in good standing. As your business grows, you can recruit contractors and send them to scout garage sales and thrift stores to source higher-value items worth listing.

Explain the benefit the customer will get from taking your call or giving you an appointment. Read the tender carefully and make sure you understand how they are going to decide which supplier to choose. You may need to formalise the way you manage your business. For example, by having a structured quality management system and written policies on issues such as diversity and inclusion. Looking at a company’s website or having a brief conversation with a receptionist can often reveal information about a business and who you need to talk to. Effective sales methods include face-to-face, email, telesales and ecommerce.

Arranging a repair online is simple, and only takes a few minutes. Alternatively, you can also arrange a repair by contacting us on our telephone line, 24/7. This could stop them from taking advantage of other people. We offer a range of postal services to send, collect and return items, including regular sender services. All your product ideas get feasibility-tested before we move full steam ahead with the entire project., a free service offered by Invest Northern Ireland, is the official online channel for business advice and guidance in Northern Ireland.

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There is a huge range of software available to help you keep records of dealings with customers, including free versions. You might use an intermediary, such as a retailer or wholesaler, to enable you to sell goods to individual consumers. In this case, you will need to focus your sales efforts on selling to the intermediary. To be successful, you need a viable business idea, bags of drive and sufficient funds. All Siemens home appliances are covered by a two year manufacturer’s warranty. You can extend that warranty by up to five years for some appliances by buying a Siemens warranty extension.

In order to complete this section of the form, please locate the silver label on your product. For a CAC or CCC, please look at the back, top left of your cabinet. All other products tend to have the label located on the outside. If you have any queries around this, please contact us at Thank you.