Popular Music Genres in Indonesia


Popular Music Genres in Indonesia
Popular Music Genres in Indonesia

Music is one of the entertainments for most people in Indonesia, there are various genres that already exist, ranging from calm, and rhythmic, to loud music.

But it turns out that there are several genres of music that are popular in Indonesia, as quoted from Sykonesia, along with several genres of music that are popular in Indonesia. To know about recreation you can visit this site saklikentgorge


Pop genre music is very popular with Indonesian people. This type of music matches the musical taste of Indonesians. It takes a lot of patterns from other popular genres in the form of beats, the tone, as well as the lyrics that teenagers like. The genre can call popular music.


This genre of music with its distinctive characteristics with its stomping and energetic playing of musical instruments has become the sykonesia version of the popular music genre. Rock is now not just mere music, it also affects the latest teenage fashion styles. Some Indonesian rock bands are already quite a lot, for example Box, Neutral, and many others.


This type of song is no longer a secret to the people of Indonesia because this genre is an original Indonesian music genre. There are lots of dangdut fans scattered in Indonesia, from teenagers to the elderly even like this genre.


Reggae is the next popular genre, reggae which was popularized by Bob Marley is growing rapidly in the country. This genre has its own characteristics so it is easy to recognize. Most of the fans of this genre are teenagers, and it fits the taste of music for young people today.


Indonesian rock is one of the genres that can be quite stomping like rock and also has a level of music playing that is quite difficult, therefore many people really like this music. Metalcore is another genre that includes music with loud and complicated tones suitable for uplifting songs.