Pop Juice

Punk laid down a critique and a challenge – as did the hippies before them – that English culture wilfully refused to take up, or even recognise. What is buried and repressed always breaks out with renewed force. Punk’s problems occurred when it achieved the success that it part sought, part shunned.

They also meant that the engagement with artefacts and works of art was becoming more visual and less kinaesthetic. Glass vitrines acted in a similar way to railings but pushed the distancing process a little further by blocking access in every way but visually. They also allowed for groupings of small objects from a similar historical period or of a similar school or form, especially the ones made of the most fragile organic materials such as ivory, bone, fabric and wood. Handling of such objects has been known to cause infinitesimal damage such as traces of moisture or grease which can culminate over time in the object’s destruction.

In The Celebrity Culture, the public has chosen the role of priest in the confessional. We still await Amy, Britney and Kerry to say their rosaries. https://www.pancakemeow.com/ Thus the outsider is both the ritual embodiment of all that is wrong with the community, while also being the means of healing it.

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But the bond may be broken by the truth of Pop’s past. POP is a totally voluntary for children and young people and we would seek your consent to work with your child. We would like you to be involved in the direct work we are doing with your child and seek your views as well. We work with British and international clients, from start-ups to global leaders.

Some real original sounds and melodies coming through. The tone darkens throughout, and unlike the exuberant “Achtung Baby” and the quirky, unpredictable “Zooropa” an ominous cloud seems to hang over the LP – even “Discotheque” seems to have a desperate feel to the lyric and Bono’s delivery of it. In the world, the objects in glass vitrines are always the ones I wish I could handle the most.