Online Bass Guitar Lessons

The Ibanez Soundgear and BTB as well as the electric basses from Spector and ESP are aimed at modern bassists. The Fame Baphomet basses, which are available in four- and five-string versions, also impress with their excellent price-performance ratio. Basically, the electric bass is divided into models with solid body and semi-hollow constructions. But also in the composition of the neck of a bass the instruments of different manufacturers differ clearly. Fender has always relied on a stable screw connection between neck and body, which promotes a crisp response, while Gibson, for example, relies on glued necks for a harmonious sound development.

These instruments offer the ability to play notes that simply don’t exist on a standard bass guitar, as well as opening up a world of new chords and tunings to experiment with. If you’re looking for bass guitars for beginners, we can help you get started on your journey with our great selection. We also have a great selection of cheap bass guitars, perfect for the budget minded bassist.

We also have a fantastic range of Acoustic Bass guitars, specialist 6/8 strings and a great collection of Fretless Bass’. High-performance 4-string with a fast compound radius neck, active 3-band EQ & hot DiMarzio pickups. Flea’s funk- and jazz-influenced basslines helped propel the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the top of the rock and alternative charts while redefining the role of bass in the modern era. Flea’s unique playing style brought a welcome breath of fresh air to the…

Every guitarguitar store has a large bass department with a variety of bass guitars available, and our Glasgow store even has an entire floor dedicated to all things bass. We also stock many 5 string basses, short scale bass guitars and semi-acoustic bass guitars as well as left handed bass guitars too. Whether you see yourself as the next Flea, Duff McKagan, Victor Wooten or Geddy Lee, or want to forge your own path, we can help you find the bass guitar to get you on your way. The electric bass, along with the electric guitar, is undoubtedly one of the great musical innovations that the 1950s brought forth.

At PMT we stock brands such as Squier and Eastcoast that offer iconic styles at entry-level prices without compromising on build quality or playability. If you’re not sure what exactly you need to get going, check out our bass guitar Starter Packs, and remember to consider shorter-scale instruments if you or the person you’re buying for might not need a full-sized bass. We know how important it is to find the right bass guitar to learn on, for your first band or to tour the world with!

Want to start and are looking for an inexpensive to learn the bass or you interested in investing in a premium instrument? We have everything in every price class, starting with our least expensive basses from Jack & Danny to premium basses crafted by hand in the Czech Republic. An athletic, predatory fish found in coastal areas around Europe, bass is prized by anglers and chefs. It has delicious white flesh and beautiful sivery scales with robust spiney fins and a powerful tail.

The latest report from ICES shows that bass stocks are beginning to show signs of recovery, with fishing effort now much lower and stocks are now beggining to increase . The best method of capture for this species is handline , as it is selective and has little impact on other species. Handline caught bass is now recommended by Cornwall Good Seafood Guide.