Nature Music

I’m really looking forward to coming to London to play the new music. It will be hard to adjust myself because, as I said, it’s music that was created without any desire to prove something, or to show something. I myself benefit from music because it takes me to wonderful places within myself. I’ve visited beautiful places within my soul because of music, and I think that it can take you to greater places of spirituality, of joy, of sadness, anger, greatness… You can dive into such a vast array of different emotions, and I think that everyone can benefit from listening to music. Called Underwater, Ludovico describes the sound and feel of the album as being “from another world… another dimension.” He wanted it to be “an almost magical experience.” Steel and concrete can’t beat good old wood to produce the best sounds for music.

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Our innate communicative musicality is the ‘raw material’ for cultural forms of music and the rules of grammar and syntax. A child makes stories in sound as an active participant whose pride to belong to the rich musical traditions of society propels them into learning and creating. This is the cultivation of communicative musicality to music, from innate self-expression to cultural practice and a musical identity (MacDonald et al., 2002; MacDonald and Miell, 2004). It is brought to life, as language is, with the enthusiastic support of more experienced companions . We adopt the word ‘musicking’ to draw attention to the embodied energy that creates music, and which moves us, emotionally and bodily.

Experience the world as you have never heard it before and open your ears to a moment of deep listening. Registeryour class – or whole school – and share your outdoor adventures on social media using#OutdoorClassroomDay. Humans have probably seen themselves as part of the harmony of the natural world for 100,000’s of years if any of the survival tribal wisdom is anything to go by. Aboriginal australian tribes will go as far as to say that humans sing the world into existence as they walk along the ancient song lines that criss cross the land connecting places and spaces. From the smallest particle to the largest galaxy the interaction of the universe is sound, vibration.

“The distinctive educational and developmental potential of music lies, I submit, in dynamic, bodily, and social natures, and distinctly ethical, responsive, and responsible kinds of know-how these afford. Practical knowledge is action embedded knowledge, quite distinct from theoretical knowledge and technical know-how. It is a kind of character-based sense of how best to proceed in situations where best courses of action cannot be determined by previous ones.

He is the most streamed classical artist of all time and he’s written scores for Oscar-winning films. Many will say Ludovico’s majestic piano melodies have stirred a multitude of emotions in them, bringing peace and calm in times of stress and creating lasting memories. Relaxing and reflective with the sound of birds singing and a soft synth pad and gentle tongue drums throughout. Damon Jackson-Waldock is Programme Director at The Art House with over 10 years’ experience of delivering contemporary arts projects, exhibitions, open-air commissions and public programming. Are you ready to effortlessly free yourself from the anxieties of stress – anytime, anywhere? Then buy this audiobook today – and immerse yourself in a world of limitless relaxation.

Good, beautiful and enjoyable, music is created out of poetic play. “Current ideas about differences between the left and right hemispheres of the brain provide a basis for speculating about the nature of play. Play encompasses both the rationality and order of the left hemispheric orientation, and the improvisation and creativity of the right. But play also transcends these oppositions, running rings about them as it encircles the brain’s consciousness” (Turner, 1983, p. 217). “The first generalized movements occur in week 8 (de Vries et al., 1984), but already in week 5 monoamine transmission pathways grow from the brainstem to animate the primordial cerebral hemispheres. Key components of the Emotional Motor System are in place when the neocortex is unformed.” (Trevarthen, 2001, p. 26).

The central importance of our abilities for music as part of what sustains our well-being is supported by evidence that communicative musicality strengthens emotions of social resilience to recover from mental stress and illness . Drawing on the experience of the first author as a counselor, we argue that the strength of one person’s communicative musicality can support the vitality of another’s through the application of skilful techniques that encourage an intimate, supportive, therapeutic, spirited companionship. Nature sounds relax us, release us from the brooding constraints of everyday life, and ultimately help us let go. This high quality audiobook made in germany contains the perfect mix of natural sounds and dreamlike music.