Music genres that are rarely known


Music genres that are rarely known
Music genres that are rarely known

MUSIC is always around us. Listening to music is a very common thing and is done almost every day. In the digital age, the internet helps us to hear any song from any country. Globally, music is known in several major genres that are very familiar, such as pop, rock, jazz, and country.

However, it turns out that outside of those mainstream genres, there are also some genres that people rarely know about. You may have heard of it, but didn’t realize it. As reported by Deseret News, here are five music genres that are rarely known.

Unblack Metal

Similar to black metal, this unblack metal genre also features songs full of fast drum beats, screaming singing, and loud guitar strumming. The difference is in the content of the song. Unblack metal or commonly referred to as Christian black metal contains religious lyrics and aims to promote Christianity to its listeners. Then, you can visit this site if you are looking for information about business festivaldelladriatico

Horror Country

Country music is music that comes from the southern area of ​​America and the song is identical to the guitar or banjo, as if inviting the listener to join in the dance. Well, if horror country is a kind of music, but the contents talk about dark things. Like death, the devil, the devil, or the apocalypse. In addition, the music video is also followed by dark and scary visuals.


Lowercase is a category for music based on ambient sounds that are rarely noticed and are very minimalistic. For example, the sound of paper squeezing and a broken bulb. This genre was created in 2001 by musician Steve Roden. The lowercase genre has other benefits and goals, namely being the strains of ASMR.


This genre is written for indie rock songs that use beats and notes that are strange and difficult to sing. Songs of this genre do not have a definite beat repetition. This difficulty earned him the name ‘math’. Mathrock was first discovered in 1980 and further developed in 1990. Apart from rock flow, this genre is also applied to the pop genre under the name mathpop.

Black MIDI

Black MIDI has another name for impossible music. The reason is that this type of music cannot be played using both hands with any musical instrument. Black MIDI music is created by entering as many notes as possible into the music instrument digital interface (MIDI). It got to the point where if you put it on paper, the black notes would fill the entire sheet of paper and make it all black. That’s why it’s called black MIDI. If you’re curious, you can hear it on Sir Spork’s song Flight of The Bumblebee on YouTube which has 50,000 notes.