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We will return to the Royal Over-Seas League in the heart of St. James’s exclusive club land for a new Festival of music and art this year. Based at this historic private members’ club, we will visit some of London’s top exhibitions and enjoy a series of concerts with members of Baroque ensemble La Serenissima, which are held in the Princess Alexandra Concert Hall at the Club. This section brings together Fellows who specialise in the history of art and music. With an inspirational Head of Music at the forefront, our pupils develop their musical ability and a love for the subject along the way. Children sing in a choir right from the beginning of Reception and they become quite accustomed to ‘public’ performance from a young age. Art and Music have always been two of the most direct and intuitive forms of communication for humankind.

In our Brick Lane shop we have a great selection of many of our best music prints. As well as our digital prints we have our fantastic Limited Edition Prints for Music lovers. The Limited Edition art prints come straight from the artist studio and use a range of techniques including stunning Screen prints, Linocut prints, Risograph and metallic foiled prints.

Previous clients include Tame Impala, Future City Records and Charlotte Hatherley. Tania Yakunova is an award-winning illustrator living and working in Kyiv, Ukraine. Tania finds her inspiration in avant-garde art and design of the 20 century.

Andy Mold is a graphic designer and illustrator from Croyde in North Devon. Andy owns a surf brand called Demons of Doom Killers which he uses as his freelance pseudonym and as an output designing and making surfboards and garments. Andy has worked for multiple design firms and brands over the years but currently works as a freelance designer for a multitude of brands within the surf and skate industry, designing branding, graphics and products. Andy’s latest project has been to illustrate the latest album, merchandise and tour campaign for the British rock band Reef and he has worked for brands like Melon Optics, Saltrock, Animal, Red Bull and Seduction Surfboards. Storm Thorgerson, who sadly passed away in 2013, is an example of another artist whose work is intrinsically linked to music and the genre. Thorgesen is famous for his cover designs for the British progressive rock band Pink Floyd.

Gwen Keraval is a French illustrator based in Lyon who works with geometrical shapes, clean shapes and reduced colour palettes to bring a vintage mood to all kind of subjects, from editorial to magazine and publishing. After Graduating from the Emile Cohl school in Lyon in 1998 Gwen tried his hand as a press model maker, 3D animator, web designer and flash animator while also pursuing illustration. Gwen has now been an illustrator for fifteen years and has done a lot of work in publishing, editorial illustration, advertising, and toy design, working with many French publishers like Flammarion, Seuil editions, Milan, and Djeco. His illustrations can also be seen in the Washington Post, New York Observer, Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal. Gwen has also worked for clients such as Volkswagen, Lonely Planet, Blue Moon Beer and Banque de France.

Plato said that music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind and flight to the imagination. But aside from all the infectious hooks, bars, beats and melodies that mesmerise us into annoying hum-a-thons, road trip singalongs and drunken karaoke nights, music has made a strong visual impact on our pop culture. Be it Bowie’s Ziggy or Daft Punk’s robots, explore music art inspired by your favourite artists and find your favourite music poster. East End Prints’ home is our beautiful art print shop and gallery on Brick Lane, London. Our team are able to offer a bespoke art print consultation service to assist in you choosing a selection of prints that are perfect for your home or office.

Drawing upon 20 years of experience in Illustration and design, The Red Dress produce striking, often dark but humorous images by digitally painting contemporary culture in a retro style. Previous clients include HSBC, Mircosoft, Estrella, Total Film, Esquire, GQ and many more. Laura worked for over 10 years as a graphic designer before leaving to indulge her more colourful side! She works digitally and creates vibrant, joyful and fun pop art style illustrations that are mixed in with elements of psychedelia, Art Deco and fantasy.

His most recent illustrations are for brands like Kiehl’s and Renault Samsung Motors. Rhys Bright is a 29-year-old illustrator and published author from Nottingham. He was tutored in the basic principles of drawing from a very early by his granddad, a commercial artist.