The sessions are so therapeutic, making us all happy and lifting the atmosphere. Journalism is a competitive industry, and the best features are always the ones that feel like they couldn’t have been written by anybody else. Bring your experiences, demographics and individualism to the table – tell the editor in your pitch why you are uniquely placed to tell the story, and be willing to back yourself. You might be reading this thinking “good one Jenessa, what gigs have you been going to lately? ” Think again – while IRL events might be currently off the table, Will Richards at the NME did a cracking job of capturing Laura Marling’s live streamed show, and Rhian Daly did similarly well with her observations taken from BTS’s online Bang Bang Con.

Music represents an enjoyable activity in and of itself, but its influence goes beyond simple amusement. At Oxford, everyone is a member of a college as well as their subject department and the University. Students therefore have both the benefits of belonging to a large, renowned institution and to a small and friendly academic community. Each college or hall is made up of academic and support staff, and students. Colleges provide a safe, supportive environment leaving you free to focus on your studies, enjoy time with friends and make the most of the huge variety of opportunities. There are around 30 academic staff, of whom 15 give lectures regularly – scholars with distinguished reputations as musicologists, performers and composers.

The authors investigated elite musicians and top athletes in Slovenia in terms of their perceptions of flow in performance and satisfaction with life. Music in the University promotes music-making University-wide and provides opportunities for all members of the University community to take part in a broad range of musical activities. It draws on specific research and educational interests University-wide, not only in the School of Culture & Creative’s Arts subject area of Music, but also in other arts and sciences.

It is particularly useful to notice references to the organ, important for its versatility and range, as well as because it was Milton’s own instrument (though beware, as it may on occasion be used as a synonym for ‘instruments’ more generally). Unfortunately there is a further complication, which is most clearly explained by dividing music into practical performance (‘musica practica’) and speculative theory (‘musica speculativa’). Our modern, familiar ideas of musical performance would be covered by the term musica practica; but musica speculativa is alien to us now, and requires explanation. Knowing that Milton was a talented practical musician, we might expect him to use more technical vocabulary than other poets – but isn’t that fairly standard when reading Milton’s scholarly poetry? Surely his allusions to music won’t be too difficult to understand – certainly nothing that a good reference book cannot shed light on… Perhaps the greatest gift of music lies in its capacity to allow people to experience emotions without the burden of having to experience the life events that lead to them.

Soon, our hero is living the outlaw life of a drug addict and things take a darker turn. Full of quotable homilies and advice for any would-be hell-raisers out there. The soothing power of relaxing music and its close link to our emotions can be a really effective stress management tool, helping us cool down and maybe even take a breather.

If you include all the Television shows as well as the Feature Films, Star Trek arguably has had an even greater demand for music than James Bond and is correspondingly more diverse. In his article The Black Composer in Films, John Caps examines the historic views and trends which have slowly resulted in more Black Composers finding a role in scoring mainstream films. His research shows that initially Black Composers were more likely to be considered for certain specialist film categories, for example where a jazz idiom was felt to be appropriate. Gradually over several decades this stereotypical view has been replaced with a more nuanced perspective, and hopefully we are headed for a place where a composer’s colour does not result in preconceived ideas of their musical talents. Situated on the outskirts of London in Bushey, Hertfordshire, the independent boarding and day school is home to around 180 young people, all of whom are passionate about music and determined to fulfil their exceptional talent. Students receive a well-rounded education with world-class music at the heart of School life.

Relatedly, McFerran et al. in Australia examined the ways in which music and trauma have been reported in selected music therapy literature from the past 10 years. The team’s critical interpretive synthesis of 36 related articles led them to identify four different ways in which music has been used beneficially to support those who have experienced trauma. These approaches embrace the use of music for stabilizing and entrainment , as well as for expressive and performative purposes—the fostering of emotional and social well-being. While college academic tutors primarily support your academic development, you can also ask their advice on other things. Lots of other college staff including welfare officers help students settle in and are available to offer guidance on practical or health matters.

It was lovely to witness some of the residents’ reactions as some surprised you at how much they were getting involved or remembering words. One resident with quite progressive Alzheimer’s was clapping in time and singing all the words to songs when normally she struggled with everyday communication. The children love it when they hear their name mentioned and then the musician plays their favourite song.

If you have achieved Grade 8 standard or equivalent on your first instrument by the time you start the programme, you can also take Performance . Please could all UK music publishers fill in the MPA Publishing Census 2022. Discover Uniprovides applicants with statistics about undergraduate life at Oxford. But there is so much more to an Oxford degree that the numbers can’t convey.

Our article on The Music of James Bond looks at the origins of “James Bond sound” with principle composer John Barry in the driving seat, and the later composers who developed the sound as the film series evolved with the times. The article is also a convenient reference guide, and lists all the James Bond films, composers, songs, lyricists and singers. The importance of music in Milton’s poetry comes as no surprise when we consider the home in which the young poet grew up. His father had been a chorister at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford, and although he did not become a professional musician, he continued to perform and compose music throughout his life.