Modern Musical Instruments

Many do not know that today what we use to play music is a modern musical instrument. Musical instruments that have innovated from before.
The times have made musical instruments evolve into the best musical accompaniment objects created by humans, of course, with the sophistication that is currently available. Supported by sophisticated modern musical instruments, the tunes conveyed will also be felt in the soul.
The development of musical instruments is very rapid, from the old versions of the musical instruments to the present, many musical instruments have evolved into musical instruments that are cool and pleasing to the eye.
Currently, we have encountered many modern musical instruments. The guitar is one of the most rapidly developing modern musical instruments, here are some modern guitar musical instruments that you should know:

  1. Acoustic Guitar
    The acoustic guitar is a type of guitar that is usually used for a simple appearance. The sound produced from this guitar is produced from the strings and resonates against the wood of the guitar body.
  2. Electric / Electric Guitar
    Electric / electric guitars are different from acoustic guitars to produce the sound of an electric guitar, it must first be connected to an electric current to create a tone. The addition of a loudspeaker will make the guitar sound louder.
    Modern Inflatable Musical Instruments
  3. Trumpet
    The trumpet musical instrument is a musical instrument that is blown on how to play it. This musical instrument is made of metal and has several pitches. Trumpets are almost as useful as any other instrument, but they have three buttons.
  4. Saxophone
    The saxophone was made by adolphesak and that’s where this instrument was first present and the name that was taken was inspired by the maker of this saxophone. The way to play it is blown, but the saxophone has a different shape from the trumpet. It is more curved and has many keys for producing notes. The saxophone is usually used to accompany jazz music and is also used for ceremonial events accompanying large music groups.
  5. Harmonica
    The harmonica is the next modern musical instrument this is the same way it is played with any other blown instrument. However, the harmonica is smaller in size than other modern wind instruments and is rectangular.
    Modern Piano Musical Instruments
    The piano is the next musical instrument. The number of keys on the piano is more and also the size of the piano is more. Although the way to play is the same, the piano is usually used in large and ceremonial activities. Because the piano can produce a mellow tone and make us comfortable listening to it.
  6. Grand Piano
    This piano is called the Grand Piano. We usually find it when we see music performances. This piano is often used by great musicians to accompany the music being played. The resulting instrument if you use this piano will be more beautiful.
    This piano has a sleepable acoustic box, with an array of acoustic strings that go to sleep.
  7. Keyboard
    Almost the same as the piano, but the difference is that the keyboard can play the sounds of other musical instruments such as guitar, drums, violin. Playing the keyboard also has to connect it with electricity if there is no electricity, the keyboard will not be able to be played. In contrast to the piano without electricity can be played.
  8. Organs
    The organ is a musical instrument that is almost the same as a keyboard. The tone produced by the organ is from the blowing of air that enters many pipes in the organ. The entry of air into this organ will set the tone that we will emit.