Milton And Music

In A Renaissance Man in France, author Jeffrey Dane presents us with a number of clues. John Caps calls his article Choral Quarrels as it tells of instances where composer and directors have had different opinions about the use of choral music in film scores. Whether to use voices in a film score is a question which is fraught with danger. It can draw too much attention to the music at the expense of the film, and this is something to be avoided.

Music can help children to ‘hear’ what certain feelings sound like, and they can learn to tell what emotion is evoked by a piece of music. Improvising with music can help a child to get in touch with and/or express a feeling he or she may be experiencing at the time; whether that may be happy, sad, scared, or mad. The musical instruments can be ‘gates’ for their emotions and playing them allows their emotions to come through. Appropriate self-expression springs from a sense of self, and music can help immensely with this. In addition to the two composers, the participants were older adults, with the residential group being joined by schoolchildren from a local Primary school to collaborate in a final performance.

Pick out that awkward lyric that people might have misheard; find out where that sample comes from. Be prepared to spend serious time with an album, as your thoughts will likely change and solidify the more times you have to listen. Sports Team are a perfect recent example – the music is great, but the story of their band and how they’ve been received leading up to this point is probably more juicy in terms of how the album does (or doesn’t, in your eyes), settle those criticisms.

The Faculty of Music considers vocational qualifications in Music, such as the BTEC Extended Diploma in Music; however, an accompanying A-level in an essay subject is strongly recommended. The assessment for the two options will take the form of a written paper, practical examination, recital, portfolio of compositions, essay or take-away paper depending on the option chosen. We have expertise in composition, opera and musical theatre and new musical technologies. Leaflet for audiology practitioners on addressing musical needs in clinic, download here. In Rescoring Scarface Laura Thomas volunteers as music supervisor for “Scarface”. Scarface’s original soundtrack falls short of the mark because it lacks a sense of connection to characters or depth in terms of meaning.

Music makes an important contribution to the life of every school and should be celebrated, promoted and encouraged. It helps build pupils’ self-esteem and self-discipline and leads to higher standards across the curriculum. Today many more schools are benefiting from this transformational power that music brings to pupils, staff and parents alongside the wider whole school community.