Local Music Can Compete in the Market

The music industry is an umbrella term that encompasses a myriad of different operations. The aspects of the music industry can be divided into three categories namely recording, publication, and performance. The running of the ideal music industry is greatly influenced by the harmony of each job in the industry which is closely related to several symbiotic relationships. One of them is the production of musical instruments that include factories, distributors, retail so that it reaches the hands of musicians or other consumers.
Talking about the genre of music being played is not the main benchmark for determining whether the music is classified as local or traditional music. The media or instruments are the parameters, not the genre and the structure of the music as a whole. In terms of quantity, the number of traditional music events in the country is still very limited compared to popular music performances. Although in everyday conversation traditional music is exaggerated as a product of local wisdom, in reality, traditional music is crawling to compete with popular music. To be accepted by the wider community, traditional music must face difficult contestation with popular music. In the end, the understanding of traditional music is more appreciated as the use of exotic musical instruments, not yet at the level of composition, meaning, and function of traditional music contained therein. During a weak Indonesian music industry due to the onslaught of technology, which was marked by the closure of major labels, this has made the world more competitive. Like it or not, music performances must always hook partners for mutually beneficial cooperation. It is time for traditional Indonesian music to follow in the footsteps of independent groups. Traditional words in the Indonesian dictionary are agreed upon as attitudes and ways of thinking and acting that are always upholding the norms and customs that have been passed down from generation to generation. This means that traditional music can be understood as music that was born and developed in a certain area and passed down from one generation to the next.
This then makes traditional music tend to be exclusive.
Local music is a type of music that is presented only with human vocals without any musical instrument accompaniment. The following has been summarized in the 5 points of the latest local songs that are suitable for inclusion as newcomers in their respective playlists.

  1. Discoria – “Young People Ballad”
    The selector duo from Jakarta, Merdi and Aat, seemed to carry on dancing and reminiscing under the disco lights while enjoying this 80s pop nuance.
  2. Elephant Kind – “Pleaser”
    The first single in 2019 from Bam Mastro and his fresh colleagues, the lyrics are very catchy and the vocalist’s distinctive voice makes this song fit into the playlist.
  3. Kurosuke ft. Kittendust – “Velvet”
    The collaboration on a single with the nuances of Japan City Pop that sounded very sweet to the ears. What a fine piece by Kurosuke and Kittendust, this is one song that sticks to the head.
  4. Prince Husein – “Skywalker”
    The feeling of relief at finally finding true love is reflected in the lyrics Prince Husein wants to convey, coupled with the electronic music that fits the portion making this song very enjoyable to listen to.
  5. Ardhito Pramono – “superstar”
    Ardhito’s Jazz chants seemed to bring the listeners to move their bodies. The genre is quite old, he packs the lyrics from modern life so that it is very relevant to today’s life, a genius mix.