She draws inspiration from the songbook repertoire together with frequent salutes to jazz classics… News of the the death of Victor Schonfield on 3 May 2022 was received with great sadness. He was well known for his writing and for supporting and promoting areas of jazz, experimental and improvised music from the 1960s onwards. Born in the London Clinic, Marylebone, “on a quiet night in the Blitz”, 19 December 1940, he grew up and went to the same school as future poet and lyricist…

Although all the records so far have been by American musicians, and mainly African American musicians, https://www.pancakemeow.com/ was firmly established on the European side of the Atlantic by the early 1920s. European musicians initially based much of their jazz vocabulary on the USA, but after WW2 a new generation emerged with a unique and individual voice – nowhere more so than in Scandinavia. This band is the international quartet led by the exceptional US pianist Keith Jarrett with one of the most distinctive of all European soloists, the Norwegian tenor saxophonist Jan Garbarek, featured on its haunting melody. Over on the West Coast, arranger and baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan — who’d worked with Miles Davis on the records that became known as Birth of the Cool – took “cool” jazz further than Miles had done. By playing without a chord instrument – a guitar or piano – his band achieved a spare, pared-down feeling.

You can read theUCAS Conservatoires’ adviceon completing the UCAS Conservatoires application. Born in Edinburgh,Smithgrew up in the housing schemes and began his prolific career at 14 when his quartet won Best Band, and he received Best Musician Trophy at the 1981 Edinburgh Jazz Festival. A year later, he was invited to appear on the TV show ‘Jazz at the Gateway’ with Niels Henning Ørsted Petersen and Jon Christensen; toured with the European Youth Jazz Orchestra, and recorded his quintet for BBC Radio. Over the course of your studies, with the support of a supervisor, you will assemble a portfolio of documentation and reflective writing that interrogates a self-chosen research focus and communicates your findings.

There are permanent drum kits, amps and pianos located in all of our jazz rooms, and a number of drum kits, amps, PAs, microphones and keyboards available to book out for personal practice and external gigs . Classes are practice-based, with focus on jazz harmony, rhythm, jazz history, arranging and composition, and coaching rhythm and horn sections. We celebrate the origins of jazz, with opportunities to study African, Brazilian and Cuban music, and we focus on shaping the jazz of the future by nurturing creative composition, and collaborative projects and concepts.

In 2009 Smith was appointed head of https://www.wikipedia.org/ at theRoyal Conservatoire of Scotlandand became Professor in 2010. Options give space within the curriculum for you to engage in studies which enhance your professional versatility, by pursuing areas of interest either close to or far away from your core discipline. The range of modules available is very wide, including otions drawn from the undergraduate programmes in both the School of Music and the School of Drama, Dance, Production and Film.