Jack Drum Arts

Whether you need beginner drums, intermediate drums or a professional drum kit we have drum equipment for all skill levels and budgets. The PMT ‘House of Drums’ is your one-stop shop for all Acoustic and Electric Drum Kits, Cymbals, drum hardware, drumsticks, drum cases, drum hardware bags, drumheads and drum accessories. We draw on years of professional experience as performing musicians on top of our own training at the world’s leading music institutes and academies.

Wembley Music Centre began life as Wembley https://www.pancakemeow.com/ Centre and the drum department is still the beating heart of our business. Whether you’re looking to expand your sound with an electronic drum pad or simply need some new drumheads before heading into the studio, our wide range ofdrum accessorieshas you covered. With the growth and popularity of outdoor instruments in the last few years, new and exciting designs are appearing.

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With cajons, bongos, shakers and djembes available to order, expand your collection and attain a more varied amount of timbres. The definitive drum sample library for electronic music production. Whether you are a young drummer just starting out, a student looking to progress, or a gigging musician with years of experience, we have a course for you. This creative programme explores composition, performance and production in a collaborative environment. It will develop your artistic identity and help establish yourself as music professional. If you have played drums before but you feel the need to brush up on your skills you are in the right place.

Outdoor drums are nowadays permanently installed often with a concrete base ensuring that they are not vandalized or easily removed. They can be installed individually or in groups of different sizes. The outdoor drum is undoubtedly the oldest instrument in the world, from a hollowed-out log covered in animal skin to a dried gourd, the drum has been the anchor of rhythm throughout the ages.