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In moments like these, classical music reveals that there is nothing else on the planet fairly prefer it. The villain’s demise, depicted in jagged, fractured bursts, results in a passage of shimmering, shifting chords. A consoling melody, first performed by a horn, signals the lifting of the magical spell, then builds and builds to a blazing, brassy, rhythmically charged conclusion. “Consort of Musicke by William Byrd and Orlando Gibbons” is Glenn Gould’s greatest document. These early English harpsichord items had no history of piano efficiency till Gould’s charismatic advocacy.

Although not initially intended to be played as a set, Gibbons’s Fantasy in C and Allemande (Italian Ground) have been clearly paired by him as antecedent and consequent. The solemn counterpoint in the Fantasy is superb, and Gould marches so hard within the Italian Ground that he’s virtually swinging. The first notes of “Lavender Rain” kind a simple scale, however one which moves as haltingly as somebody warily putting one foot in entrance of the other in pitch darkness.

There is a transparent pulse, shifting by way of a collection of chords, each lasting just some seconds. Each chord feels like it’s finding repose from the earlier one, creating a way of release without feeling repetitive. On top of this, two violins play politely interlocking canons and patterns. A minute earlier than the tip, he lands on a sort of jazzed-up F-main chord, which, after a quick transfer to a minor key, resolves itself back into F — a second of deep structural satisfaction.

I was overwhelmed by the constant and extreme, yet seamless, shifts. I didn’t understand what I was listening to, and I didn’t have to, but it made me want to pay attention on, and on and on and on.

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This album was my introduction to classical music, and the brilliance of the human voice. I love the lucid textures right here, and the way the traces twist round each other as they climb. As a string quartet junkie and evangelist, I’m always seeking to lure new followers to this world. Steve Reich’s “Duet,” for 2 violins and orchestra, is an excellent distillation of his processes.

There’s a second voice here, trailing the first like a shadow. Then the sound grows, divided as if by a prism into many strains, and the music embarks on a reluctant, ineffably tender descent. Anna Clyne wrote “Lavender Rain” as she was grieving for her mother. In its somber beauty — somehow both weightless and heavy-hearted — it’s a part of a long tradition of classical music inspired by loss. I didn’t know what she was singing about; I didn’t know what harmonies had been being played; I didn’t know the composer, or the poet, or the content, but I knew that it was affecting my body and mind in ways in which I had but to experience.

In different phrases, beyond all that hype, there could also be one thing to the Mozart Effect in spite of everything. While it definitely does not begin to stay up to its grandiose claims of instilling lengthy-lasting genius in infants, it has spurred a generation of parents to reveal their babies to music, and that makes for happier babies. “Singing to your youngsters is just as important as studying to them,” says Tom Chapin, one other children’s recording artist.