Gavin Turk

UK boy band Damage had huge success in the 90s with eleven hit singles including Forever, Wonderful Tonight and the legendary Ghetto Romance. “Carving successful careers packed full of sing-a-long anthems, these artists have established a fan base that spans generations.” The massive pop lineup is set to bring the best in nostalgia to the north east.Tickets for huge Aberdeen event 90s Baby Pop go on sale tomorrow, with a set list set to spoil 90s babies with talent from the classic pop era. Venue hire Host your next event at Pop Brixton. Our spaces are all available to hire for private parties and public events… We are the University of Exeter’s K-Pop Society!

Punk laid down a critique and a challenge – as did the hippies before them – that English culture wilfully refused to take up, or even recognise. What is buried and repressed always breaks out with renewed force. Punk’s problems occurred when it achieved the success that it part sought, part shunned.

Come and discover South London’s most exciting start-ups working in food, retail, design and social enterprise. Stay entertained with 6 hours music playback and store up to 2000 of your favourite songs. Listen as you work out at the gym or on your commute to work.

This experience was made possible mostly because fewer people frequented such institutions and because conservation had not yet evolved into the paranoid science of degradation that we know today. One of the most fun aspects of a Celebrity Culture that embraces not just the extraordinary but the ordinary in extraordinary circumstances is that we can measure how we might behave in a similar predicament. She is the first woman that has lived her entire adult life and may well die in the full public glare. Even her name feels weirdly symbolic or ironic, depending on the public’s mood towards her at any given moment, as if to prove that ‘Reality’ and ‘Celebrity’ have conspired to become the Dickensian fable of our times. Everyone cares, for better and for worse. Ignore The Celebrity Culture at your peril.

Attempt to defy it and you will hastily become enveloped by its Faustian embrace. Seven years after declaring its end, with an irony arch enough to drive a double-decker bus under, Piers Morgan is a central figure in Britain’s Celebrity Culture. He makes his living mostly as a judge on The Celebrity Culture’s favourite medium, reality TV shows, and interviewing celebrities for a glossy magazine.