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This book is specifically designed for beginners who have no prior knowledge of music theory. It is designed in such a way that you won’t have trouble understanding any of the concepts. With this approach, with every conquered step, you will be closer to mastering the necessary skills to become an incredible musician. Want to learn proven strategies that will help you sharpen your fingerstyle-guitar skills, practice more effectively, and silence the inner critic that can sabotage your performances?

Gresham College has offered an outstanding education to the public free of charge for over 400 years. Today, Gresham plays an important role in fostering a love of learning and a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Your donation will help to widen our reach and to broaden our audience, allowing more people to benefit from a high-quality education from some of the brightest minds. Many thousand of listings from toddler groups to day nurseries and from indoor playcentres to what is on events, all in your local area and many with comments from other parents.

Words on Screen™ eSongbooks are supplied with a single user licence which allows the Words on Screen™ software to be installed on ONE computer only. Words on Screen™ eSongbook for easy rehearsing using highlighted lyrics synchronized with the music. The sessions are fun and relaxed and sometimes requests can also be taken.

This could be improved by the addition of musical excerpts when certain elements of music are being described as it can be a bit hard to follow without the visual aid of music scores which are included in the book. With chapters on music and emotions, music as medicine, music and intelligence and much more, Why We will entertain through to the very last minute. A delightful journey through the psychology and science of music, Why We Love Music is the perfect audiobook for anyone who loves a tune.

Music is an intrinsic part of everyday life, and yet the history of its development from single notes to multi-layered orchestration can seem bewilderingly specialised and complex. In his dynamic tour through 40,000 years of music, from prehistoric instruments to modern-day pop, Howard Goodall does away with stuffy biographies, unhelpful labels and tired terminology. Now, scientist and musician John Powell invites you on an entertaining journey through the world of music. Discover what distinguishes music from plain old noise, how scales help you memorize songs, what the humble recorder teaches you about timbre (assuming your suffering listeners don’t break it first), and more.