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I kept watch on him, and was not surprised when he got up on stage, sharing Joe Strummer’s mike, and threatened the students who were busy showering the Clash with beer glasses. Fairytales of old in presenting unrealistic ideals? Or is it just a more complicated variant of the same? No matter how much a Celebrity chooses to control their own myth, no matter how much they shroud it in mystery or unknave themselves completely for public consumption, the judgement is left to the moral hordes. Other end there is the serial confessor. Tracey Emin has removed any sense of enigma or mystery about her life by revealing it down to every last artful detail.

The Positive Outcomes Project is a new innovative project developed by Worcestershire Children First that will start in September 2020. This new project will work closely with some identified schools in Worcester, Wye Forest and Wychavon. The project also works closely with both Heart of Worcestershire College and the University of Worcester. Tunes from some of the following artists, which gives a flava of what you can expect to hear.

Some real original sounds and melodies coming through. The tone darkens throughout, and unlike the exuberant “Achtung Baby” and the quirky, unpredictable “Zooropa” an ominous cloud seems to hang over the LP – even “Discotheque” seems to have a desperate feel to the lyric and Bono’s delivery of it. In the world, the objects in glass vitrines are always the ones I wish I could handle the most.

In The Celebrity Culture, the public has chosen the role of priest in the confessional. We still await Amy, Britney and Kerry to say their rosaries. Thus the outsider is both the ritual embodiment of all that is wrong with the community, while also being the means of healing it.

In The Celebrity Age silence has become the most potent weapon of choice against interrogation. It has invested the blonde model, the graffiti artist and the author of her generation with their own modern superpower. So Mrs Beckham follows the lead of Moss, Banksy and Rowling and keeps schtum on her husbands infidelity, styling out the impasse with a gravity that is both distinctly old fashioned and uniquely modern. These obstructions were meant to increase the distance between the spectator and the work of art as a way to make the works of art more accessible to a greater number of people.