BA Hons Politics and International Relations Course

The new and unlikely friendship between these three powers heightened German fears of ‘encirclement’ and deepened the divide among the European powers. When Germany tried to oppose a French takeover of Morocco, Britain supported France. Undergraduate Philosophy, Politics and Economics Take on the challenge of this classic combined programme to gain a wider perspective on modern society. If you require a student visa to study or if your first language is not Englishyou will be required to provide acceptable evidence of your English language proficiency level. Some courses still do have requirements such as previous study in your subject area, or specific GCSE grades. Others have additional requirements such as an interview or a satisfactory DBS check.

Catherine Barnes of Conciliation Resources examines the importance of the political settlement in war-to-peace transitions. The tuition fee you have to pay depends on a number of factors including the kind of course you take, and whether you study full-time or part-time. If you are studying part-time you will normally be charged on a pro rata basis depending on the number of modules you take. At the end of your studies you will have a degree that covers the two major disciplines of history and politics, and, most crucially, it will testify to your capacity to be a flexible learner across different fields of research. Our case studies are drawn from across the world, from the start of the twentieth century to today. Yugoslavia, Colombia, Palestine, Algeria, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, and Guantanamo Bay are some of the areas covered by the curriculum, along with more familiar histories from the two World Wars and the Cold War.

Module learning outcomes

Throughout your degree, you’re expected to study for 1,200 hours per year. And it includes scheduled hours, time spent on placement and independent study. How this time’s divided among each of these varies each year and depends on the course and modules you study.

  • Throughout your degree, you’re expected to study for 1,200 hours per year.
  • You’ll consider contemporary security topics such as migration, environment, terrorism and warfare, foreign affairs, European integration/withdrawal and home security.
  • Germany declared war on Russia and ordered its own general mobilisation.
  • Undergraduate War Studies Learn why war has been described as “the continuation of politics by other means” and is said by some to be the single most important social activity that humanity has ever undertaken.
  • His primary research area is analysis of the historical and contemporary political management of warfare – especially the British and American experience.

On this module you will examine, confront and evaluate the historical debates surrounding the American Civil War. You will learn about the campaigns and strategies of the war itself, as well as its social and political impact and its lasting cultural legacy. You will also consider the social and political forces that have shaped how this period has been retold in historical and pop culture representations. This will open wider discussion about how wars are remembered and commemorated. On this module you will investigate the experience and impact of war on both civilians and soldiers.

Digital Media, Culture and Society MA

German is a political philosopher with research and teaching experience in the areas of contemporary continental philosophy, biopolitics, political violence and modern political thought. His research interests include French and Italian contemporary philosophy and thought, Black studies, Biopolitics, the politics of War and violence and political theology. Younger’s book is a valuable addition to the literature of early modern state building, and it will spur discussion among scholars of early modern government and politics as well as military historians. York is a rich resource for the study of history and has played a vital role in several historical conflicts. You can choose modules which focus on York’s religious royal, military and industrial past. Feedback is essential in identifying what you have done well and how you can improve.

War and politics in the Elizabethan counties

Professor Knieper is a member of the Human Science Centre at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany, and is on the editorial boards of two journals, Visual Communication Quarterly and International Journal of Communication and Health. Civil wars have lasting transformative effects on the state and its politics. This module addresses the question of what happens when the fighting ends. The Undeclared War is a lesson to us all in handling social media and its blizzard of misinformation.

We will introduce you to the essential definitions and classifications of war, and you will work to understand what war is, and how and why we study it. By combining Politics with War Studies, you will focus on how power is challenged and developed when states come into conflict with one another. You will consider how political institutions and ideas can both maintain social order and drive people to war.