A Backpackers Guide to a Budget

There is also the Asian-African museum that you can visit, a historical building from the Asian-Africa conference in 1955. If you plan to stay a bit longer, you can also plan to visit Lembang, the home to various unique tourist attractions and only a few minutes drive from town. Malang is a great choice for those of you wanting a backpacking adventure, especially since it is reachable by plane or even by train from Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. By choosing Switched-On Backpackers Insurance, you’re buying travel insurance that gives you and your family back home complete peace of mind. No matter what the emergency you are just seconds away from a worldwide network of assistance Specialists. Ensuring you have the best care and repatriation, where necessary.

If you’re looking to save money during your trip, you can find cheaper meals by eating locally instead of visiting bigger restaurants. Many places also have amazing street food that give you a real taste of local cuisine while also saving you quite a bit of money. When it comes to visiting museums and other attractions, you can often get cheaper access if you book ahead or if you have a valid student ID, while there are also many attractions that have free entry.

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Europe is perfect for the budding backpacker; cheaper flights, ample activities and rail links between most countries. Visit museums, explore ancient landmarks, discover local culture and cuisine and enjoy the picturesque scenery from the top of one of many European mountain ranges. If you are exposed to a risk, aggravated by a difficulty, that results in search, rescue, transportation countryhavenresort.com or repatriation expenses by civil or military means or by rescue services, we will reimburse the costs. If your departure is delayed for more than 6 hours, we will pay you €90 for every full 6 hour period to cover part of your expenses, on presentation of receipts. We also will cover a second travel ticket for your travel companion, providing s/he is also insured under this policy.

  • As well as covid vaccinations check with your GP for any additional jabs you might need like yellow fever or rabies, you might need to get some well in advance of your trip.
  • Whether you are in your early twenties, or perhaps older and on a career break, the experience is likely to be enriching at all levels.
  • Also, you should check out the Prambanan Temple which is a relic of Hinduism during the era of the kingdom in Indonesia.
  • With our Annual travel insurance policy, you’re covered for an unlimited number of trips up to 31 days in duration over a 12-month period.

This is operated by a UK based member of staff 24/7 if you have a genuine emergency or urgent matter that you need attending. Our suppliers and partners have health and safety procedures in place on all of our trips. These protocols will be updated and adapted as a response to the Coronavirus outbreak, dependent on local restrictions and laws. Accommodation for the first seven nights of your stay is included, in a city centre hostel in Sydney during nights 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7, and in shared accommodation during your stay at beach camp on nights 3 and 4.

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Take photographs at every opportunity so you can look back at the places you’ve visited and share memories with people back home. You’re also likely to be carryingtravel moneyandimportant documentswhile staying in hostels and hopping on and off public transport. It’s important that you review the full policy document for your Travel Insurance policy. It contains details of cover, exclusions and limitations of your travel insurance. Whether you’re backpacking in Asia, seeing the sights in Australia or driving down Route 66 in America, our worldwide travel insurance can provide you with cover. If you have booked a holiday through a tour operator or travel agent, it may be worth checking if you are covered by ABTA or ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s License).

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From budgeting to packing, and advice for parents & guardians, Gap 360 provides expert information on gap years and youth travel. Our travel advice and help sections are based on years of real world experience exploring the world. With over 200 trips in more than 50 countries, Gap 360 has your perfect travel experience. From group tours to paid work, volunteering to learning a new skill, there’s something for everyone – your adventure is waiting. Backpacking offers the trip of a lifetime so undoubtedly you will want to capture those memories.