7 Musical Instruments You Can Easily Learn

The world is packed with a lot of musical instruments. You can find different traditional and modern musical instruments on ReviewsBird.com. Musical instruments are a means to relieve ourselves of stress sometimes. Music is largely a means of comfort.

Learning how to play an instrument has been important to many people. It boosts cognitive abilities and it is an eternal skillset. The urge to play an instrument should always be embraced. However, you don’t need to attend a music school or take up private classes to learn. There are some instruments you can pick up in the comfort of your home and learn how to play them.

The following are some of the instruments you can easily learn and train yourself to master:

1.  Tambourine:

 As one of the simplest instruments to learn, it is also an effective percussion instrument. You can play it to a favorite song or play along with a pianist or a guitarist. The tambourine has different variations. Some have animal skin; some have metal, but they all have small cymbals that produce sounds. You can produce different sounds with the way you shake or bang it.

2.  Keyboard:

You can do a variety of things with the keyboard. While it takes a bit of time to master, it is a versatile instrument that produces different sounds. You can generate electronic sounds, strings, trumpets, organs, etc. all on the keyboard. You can also vibe to a classical, pop song, or any other kind of song with the keyboard.

3.  Guitar:

This instrument with chords is fascinating. It is one of the most popular instruments for romance and jazz songs today. You can start by learning with a nylon string guitar. From there, you can advance to steel and later electric guitar. You can sing your songs and play the guitar or play it to a favorite song.

4.  The Recorder:

As one of the easiest instruments, it is widely taught in schools. It doesn’t require a lot of breath (like the trumpet or saxophone) to produce sound. It is also pleasing to hear. You can also try pitches like tenor, soprano, and alto with the recorder. A recorder can be made of wood or plastic. You can first learn with a cheap instrument and upgrade when you’re a master of the art.

5.  The Lyre Harp:

With different strings, it is a small and portable instrument. Dating back to the 14th century, it presents light sounds that can be so soothing to adults. You can comfort any old soul by playing the lyre harp.

6.  Drum Kit:

This makes a lot of noise. With the sticks and sounds, you can play along with your favorite sound and vibe to it. You can even play the drum to exercise your arms and release stress.

7.  Percussion Instruments:

These easy instruments have a primitive and organic feel. You can play any tune or get a band to play with you. It is worthy of mention because it is not only easy to learn, it connects with most kinds of music.

You can also learn bongos, castanets, ukuleles, and other related instruments. The pleasure of playing is the thrill that comes from the activity.