5 Most Famous Sundanese Musical Instruments


5 Most Famous Sundanese Musical Instruments
5 Most Famous Sundanese Musical Instruments

Musical instruments originating from West Java are mostly made of bamboo. The presence of this musical instrument has existed since ancient times.
West Java is known for its special culture and musical instruments. The traditional musical instruments are now being improved a lot not only for parents but also for young people in West Java.

Below are some traditional musical instruments from Sunda, West Java.

Sundanese Traditional Musical Instruments

1. Harp

This traditional Sundanese musical instrument from West Java is sung by picking. The harp is sung into two parts when accompanied by traditional Sundanese music, namely the child harp and the parent harp. Then, the harp used has 18-20 strings.

2. Angklung

Next, Angklung is a traditional musical instrument from Sunda, West Java. Then, the angklung musical instrument is made of bamboo and is played by shaking it.

Angklung is classified as two, three or four bamboos in the order of two, three and four sounds.

So, the bamboos that are usually used to make angklung are black bamboo or awi wulung and white bamboo or awi friend.

So, this traditional musical instrument from Sunda, West Java, called the angklung acts as encouragement in war.

The types of angklung are dogdog lojor angklung, kanekes angklung, gubrag angklung, padaeng angklung and badeng angklung. So, to know more about technology computer you can visit this site webimag

In 2010, UNESCO registered angklung as a masterpiece of human decoration and non-material culture.

3. Rebab

Rebab is a kind of stringed instrument that is a traditional musical instrument from Sunda, West Java.

Historically, the fiddle was introduced by Middle Eastern traders who went to sea to Indonesia. Then, the fiddle is made of copper and has three strings or strings.

How to sound the fiddle is like playing the violin.

4. Dogs

This musical instrument is played by being hit because these dogs are similar to drums.

The name dog-dog is an imitation of the sound that comes from the sound of dog-dog.

5. Necklace

Calung is a traditional musical instrument made of bamboo which is cut into rounds.

This musical instrument is traditional Sundanese music that developed and is known in the West Java region.

Calung can be divided into two types, namely calung tote and calung rantay. Calung rantay is sung by sitting cross-legged, while calung tote is sung while standing.

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