Rpizy Wants To Love The “Sunrise”

Rpizy Watches The "Sunrise"



A modern love song hidden behind a tough man’s bravado.

Rpizy is an artist, producer, and songwriter from Glasglow, Scotland who knows a thing or two about the music grind. Having been involved with music for a large part of his life, he speaks vividly about spending long nights in the cold, northern studio in his hometown. However, even though it hasn’t been easy, Rpizy wouldn’t trade his passion for anything in the world. West World, which is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud, is his first EP. The project features the fan-favorite song, “Sunrise.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Sunrise,” which features Chef, is a smooth, R&B-influenced hip-hop song. I can confidentially say that all of the nights Rpizy spent in the studio paid off. I have a special place in my heart for artists from the UK, so I

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A Review Of A Love Song, With Dale Dickey And Wes Studi

(from left) Wes Studi and Dale Dickey in A Love Song.

(from left) Wes Studi and Dale Dickey in A Love Song.
Photo: Bleecker Street

A Love Song opens with images of small, colorful flowers breaking their way out of hard, dried, cracked earth. It’s an obvious metaphor: there’s beauty under weathered facades, like the face of Faye (Dale Dickey), a lone woman living in a camper against the backdrop of what looks like the Paramount Pictures mountain. Faye catches crawdads in the lake, surviving on them and coffee. She identifies birdcalls. She listens to bluegrass on a crackly, analog radio. She fixes her own binoculars. And she waits. Somebody’s going to meet her here, maybe. She won’t move until he does, but she has no idea when that might be.

For a while, writer-director Max Walker-Silverman revels in the minimalism of her routine. It’s a simple life, interrupted occasionally by oddballs from other campsites, including the young girl

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Hear Your Song Helps Kids with Disabilities

Hear Your Song Has a Playlist of Special Music for All Ages to Enjoy

Nonprofit works to bring songwriting, music and fun to children with disabilities and serious medical conditions

Sometimes, it’s so hard to find good music. Critics and fans will say so much of today’s mainstream music is overproduced and overplayed.

But music lovers of all ages can rejoice: There’s an organization called Hear Your Song working hard—and having fun—creating original music by some very unique and talented artists. The songs are extremely catchy, very well produced, and delightful ear candy for anyone who loves and appreciates good music.

So, what’s so unique about the artists behind Hear Your Song? All the songwriters are children who have serious medical conditions or disabilities—and love music. In a nutshell, Hear Your Song is a nonprofit founded by Dan Rubins and Rebecca Brudner that empowers these children to express themselves by writing songs

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5 Most Famous Sundanese Musical Instruments


5 Most Famous Sundanese Musical Instruments

Musical instruments originating from West Java are mostly made of bamboo. The presence of this musical instrument has existed since ancient times.
West Java is known for its special culture and musical instruments. The traditional musical instruments are now being improved a lot not only for parents but also for young people in West Java.

Below are some traditional musical instruments from Sunda, West Java.

Sundanese Traditional Musical Instruments

1. Harp

This traditional Sundanese musical instrument from West Java is sung by picking. The harp is sung into two parts when accompanied by traditional Sundanese music, namely the child harp and the parent harp. Then, the harp used has 18-20 strings.

2. Angklung

Next, Angklung is a traditional musical instrument from Sunda, West Java. Then, the angklung musical instrument is made of bamboo and is played by shaking it.

Angklung is classified as two, three or four bamboos in the … Read More